Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Management Reporter Process Service Restart Batch File

You may find, from time to time the Management Reporter Process Service can fail. This affects some versions more frequently than others. Bumping the service periodically can prevent the service from failing.  

When it does fail, you may also want to have a user, without administrative rights to the server reach out and bump the service. The following code can be saved to a batch file, so the batch file can be run as a scheduled task or on demand. It is written so it need not be run from the server.

@echo off

sc \\server stop MRProcessService

timeout /t -1

sc \\server start MRProcessService

server = your server name

Cut and paste this code into a Notepad file, replace server with the server name of the machine running the Management Reporter Process Servive, then save the file as MRPSRestart.bat

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