Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An error occurred while installing system components for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Bootstrapper.

I recently was passing through a local area, and popped in on a client.  They had just received a new workstation and wanted Dynamics GP 2010, Integration Manager and FRx installed on the machine.  

On a good day this should take a few minutes.  Our group stores installation code in a standardized shared folder on the network.  We have standard agreements with IT resources to ensure we have administrative access to domain and machine resources, etc.  In this case, a simple installation proved not to be the case.

Immediately after browsing to the install folder and clicking on setup, I received the typical prerequisite installation dialogue. Dexterity Share components, .Net, etc. So, I clicked ok...

In a couple of seconds, I received the following message:

"An error occurred while installing system components for Microsoft Dynamics 
GP 2010 Bootstrapper.  Setup cannot continue until all system components have been successfully installed."

A quick search of the Interwebz indicated this was a problem with .Net compatibility, which made sense... The machine was brand new, and client IT had installed every patch available for Windows 7 - including several recent patches for .Net. 

Based on my experience I moved to Programs and Features and picked the latest .Net patch, figuring I would peel .Net like an onion until I could install the prerequisites.  When I chose to uninstall the most recent .Net patch, I received an error that I did not have permissions to uninstall the patch.  Intriguing...

So I called client IT and requested they grant our Active Directory account access to this new machine.  A few minutes later Dynamics GP 2010 installed without incident.  The lesson here is security settings can mascaraed as documented installation problems related to product incompatibilities.

Remember your troubleshooting 101.

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