Monday, October 27, 2014

CASE Statement for Manufacturing Order Status in Dynamics GP (MANUFACTUREORDERST_I)

I have amassed a number of useful CASE statements, which can be incorporated into SQL queries run against Dynamics GP. When Querying the Manufacturing Order Status Field in Dynamics GP (MANUFACTUREORDERST_I): use the following case statement to return text versions of the default statuses in Dynamics GP:

      when 0 then 'invalid entry'
      when 1 then 'Quote/Estimate'
      when 2 then 'Open'
      when 3 then 'Released'
      when 4 then 'Hold'
      when 5 then 'Canceled'
      when 6 then 'Complete'
      when 7 then 'Partially Received'
      when 8 then 'Closed'
      else 'ERROR'
End MO_Status

Here is a list of the Dynamics GP Tables containing MANUFACTUREORDERST_I

ISSP0201 – Manufacturing Series Sales Order Preferences
MOP10213 – MOP Order Activity
MOP1070 – MOP Edit MO Status Header
MOP1071 – MOP Edit MO Status Line
MOP3000 – MOP Variances
MOPV1100 - MFGMOList
MPO10001 – MRP CRP Scheduled Orders
PK010033 – MOP Item Master
SOPS113B – MOP Sys Preferences
WO010032 – Manufacture Order Master

WO010213 – Manufacture Order History