Monday, June 8, 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 Management Reporter Integration Features

With the release of Dynamics GP 2015 the integration of Management Reporter has been significantly expanded. A new Navigation List has been added which allows users to open Management Reporter reports from within Dynamics GP. Management Reporter reports can be added to My Reports, and of course Management Reporter Designer can be opened from within Dynamics GP as well. Image 1 below is a preview of the Navigation List:

Image 1 - Management Reporter Navigation List
To add the Navigation List displayed in Image 1 above, the administrative task of deploying it must be performed in Reporting Tools Setup, which is accessed via the following navigation: Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Reporting Tools Setup (or) Administration > Setup > System > Reporting Tools Setup.

Image 2 - Reporting Tools Setup
The URL for the Management Reporter Service should be the same as the URL entered when installing the Management Reporter Client, including the port number (the default port number is 4712).

The Location of the Report Designer.exe must be consistent, as this setting is maintained in this one location. So, it is best to use the default directory when installing the Management Reporter Client application on user workstations.

You must select the company or companies to deploy the Navigation List to.

Image 3 - Company Selection in Reporting Tools Setup

Finally, after successfully deploying the Navigation List, users, must log out and back into Dynamics GP to view it. 

The tighter integration between Dynamics GP and Management Reporter is a vast improvement over the integration between Dynamics GP and FRx and let's hope a sign of things to come.


  1. I have run this twice and each time it redeploys both SQL and Excel Reports. How do I make it only deploy MR?

  2. You will not the general absence of check boxes and buttons unique to each of the reporting tools options in these windows. My best advice is to make sure you do not check the Redeploy all reports for selected companies. Frankly, I typically only go through this deployment option once, and configure them all simultaneously.

    1. I am still having difficulties seeing the MR reports once I set up the Reporting Tools Setups. I have doubled check the MR URL, and the location of the report designer. Still no reports are showing in my company for MR reports.

  3. That was supposed to be NOTE, not NOT in, as in... You will NOTE the general absence of check boxes and buttons unique to each of the reporting tools.

  4. I have done all these things, am an administrator in MR, and still no reports show in the navigation list. have you ever seen that?

  5. I can also not see my MR reports in my navigation list. Any troubleshooting tips?


  6. In my experience, the installing user account must be both a domain and machine administrator. Dynamics GP must be run with elevated privileges (Run as administrator) after installing. Management Reporter must be installed on the machine, and in the default/same location for all workstations. Make sure UAC (User Account Control) is disabled for the profile logging on.

  7. Hi Harry,
    I tried to make the MR reports generated in the MR Report Library to become available in GP 2015R2.. however, there are 2 flaws in the process:
    1. The deployment wizard applies only to Excel & SSRS reports.. not to MR
    2. The Tab for the MR2012 configuration has no button to 'push' any existing reports show up in GP..

    Based on the MS blog post, I have the feeling that there is a missing step somewhere... but just can't figure where ?

  8. Beat,
    I trust you are doing well my friend. I recently encountered a similar problem when deploying reports in GP 2015 in concert with MR CU14. This problem has also be reported/validated in the forum here: