Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Value of Checklists - Dynamics GP 2013 Upgrade Checklist

As a general rule I advocate for the use of checklists when doing anything important.  It doesn't matter how many times a pilot flies, they still get in the plane and run through the "preflight" checklist prior to taking off, because let's face it, planes can and do fall out of the sky when something goes wrong.

Every year, our team goes through the Year-End Checklist prepared by the Microsoft team, adds our in spin on things, and then publishes it to our clients.

The checklist below is a constantly evolving Dynamics GP Upgrade Checklist. It is by no means exhaustive, and is a high-level document, which references technical information without providing significant detail.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Dynamics GP 2013 Upgrade

Upgrades to GP 2013 Require a Zero Dollar Product Order
Designate a Client IT resource
Distribute Installation and Upgrade instructions to Client IT resource
Create/Validate Admin account for CustomerSource access for Client IT
Obtain Dynamics GP Install Media – Client IT Download to Install Folder
Obtain Dynamics GP Keys – Client IT Download to Install Folder
Obtain SQL Server Media – Client Obtain (validate licensing)
Obtain Management Reporter Media – Client Download to Install Folder
Obtain Management Reporter Key
Client IT - Create Domain/Machine Admin Credentials Install User
Client IT - Run File Maintenance / Check Links on data
Determine 3rd Party Applications installed
Contact 3rd Party support to determine version compatibility
Obtain 3rd Party Product Keys
Review necessary documentation – installation and upgrade instructions for any 3rd Party products
Determine GP Modules Installed  and in use
Identify Reports used to validate upgrade

Installation Prerequisites
Validate Sever Configuration
Add Server Role - Web Server
Add Server Role - Application Server
Enable .Net 3.5.1 ASP.Net
Enable IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility Feature for IIS 7
Enable WCF HTTP Activation
Install SQL Server 2008 r2
Optional – if someone else installed SQL and used Window Only Authentication 
Reconfigure SQL to accept Windows and SQL Authentication
Enable SQL SA User Account
Set SQL SA User Account Password – make sure meets requirements
Distribute SA Password to designated client IT resource
Install SQL Server Reporting Services
Validate SSRS Install
Install Management Reporter
Install Dynamics GP
Install Required 3rd Party Products

Backup Tasks
Backup Databases
Backup Working Workstation Folder for current version
Back Up Application Customizations
Custom Forms
Custom Reports

Optional - if moving Dynamics GP to New Environment
Move Database backups to new machine
Restore Files List Only (Determine DB Configurations)
Create Target Databases using DB Configurations
Restore Databases
Set SQL Compatibility Level (i.e. move from SQL 2005 to 2008)
Configure Security
Run Scripts to Capture Logins from Old Server
Run Script to Create Logins on New Server
Run sp_changeowner DYNSA on GP Databases
Run Grant.sql script on GP Databases
Backup the Databases – make sure you can restart from this point if Upgrade goes sideways
Run DynUtils
Upgrade System Database
Upgrade Company Databases
Enter Registration Keys
Add New Users
Create New Users
Testing -  Log in as user
Share Network Folder (hold shared components)
Set Security Correctly (Read and Execute Permissions)
Create Workstation install package
Install Workstations
Test Workstations
Run reports to compare to validation reports

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