Thursday, September 25, 2014

Management Reporter Installation Checklist

I have noticed numerous SOLID blog posts, which walk through the installation steps for Management Reporter!  The Dynamics Community does not disappoint - the level of sharing and collaboration frankly astounds me.   These blog posts include screen shots, and detailed instructions. 

Management Reporter installation woes still seem to be the source of many posts on the community forums.  The reason, the DEVIL is in the DETAILS.

What follows is a checklist I use when installing Management Reporter.  Prior to putting this checklist together, I routinely encountered issues when installing and configuring Management Reporter.   Without further adieu:

Make sure install user is Domain and Machine Administrator
Add Server Role - Web Server
Add Server Role - Application Server
Enable .Net 3.5.1 ASP.Net
Enable IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility Feature for IIS 7
Enable WCF HTTP Activation
Disable User Account Control
Reboot Machine (can try iisreset if not practical)
Run installation from a folder with short path-name
Run installation as administrator
Do NOT select NT AUTHORITY accounts - use an Active Directory Account created for this purpose.
Ensure the user you have running the application pool has "log on as batch job" rights in the local security policy of the machine.
Remember to Register Management Reporter - default installation is Evaluation Copy, no reminder to register, until the trial period expires!

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