Sunday, January 24, 2016

Urgent, Late Breaking News... Integration Manager and Macros Failing after several hundred records? Microsoft's New Navigation the Culprit!

I am working hard to maintain my sense of humor about this post!

Many months ago, July 2015, according to my One Note notes, I worked with a client who was having difficulty running an Integration using Integration Manager.

The problem was a failure after several hundred records were processed.

I found this very useful post by Mariano Gomez, which helped me resolve it.

Mariano Gomez's Useful Post on RPC Errors

Fast forward to December, 2015 and this same issue reared it's ugly head again! This time, I hit a wall. We were under pressure, and needed long-tested integrations to run, in order to hit a year-end cut-over deadline. 

So, I logged a Support Incident with Microsoft and went to Plan B. In this case, we used the eConnect Adapter to get past this problem... This meant redesigning and testing a bunch of integrations at a moment's notice; time consuming, fraught with peril and expensive.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I was endeavoring to get some basic macros working for the same customer, and whamo! The same behavior with a different tool set!

Here is where things get interesting. Within a few minutes of reviewing my notes, I realized the problem. We'd applied the Year-End update (Payroll Client), and the update had re-set the navigation option to the Action Pane (Pain) from the classic Menu Bar option in User Preference!!!!

The Action Pane, since GP 2013 has been known for this behavior! 

If you are struggling with Integrations or Macros, and you have been breaking them down into bite sized pieces for processing, STOP! Change the User Preferences for the Windows Command Display option to Menu Bar (old reliable), and get back to work.

I have asked Microsoft to Fast Publish this one, escalate it and make sure it is in the Knowledgebase and on the tip of the tongue of front line technical support. The best I can do is post my experience.

I hope this helps you get where you are going.

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